Print monitoring software

Printing on the move

OCM Mobile Print is a driver-less mobile print solution for any user who is on the move and needs to be able to print from a mobile device such as an iPad, Smartphone, laptop or tablet.


OCM Mobile Print removes the costs, security concerns and support overhead associated with the configuration of users’ own laptops or mobile devices for printing. Just send your document to print via email or web submission and then collect it from a multifunctional device of your choice,  at the device just enter your authentication details, view your submitted documents and choose which documents are released to print. All documents are printed and audited by OCM’s core managed print solution.



Easy document submission

Print via email

Users can send documents to print as an attachment via email from any laptop, tablet or mobile device.  The user then selects their chosen multifunction device for release.  At the users convenience they can then arrive at the device, authenticate themselves and select their documents for printing.  Documents are then audited and accounted for by user, department and device.


Print via web

Users have the option to submit print jobs via a web submission page by simply logging on to an OCM web page using their pre-created login details and upload documents to print using their browser of choice. Again no drivers or software is required on the user’s device(s) – Login, browse, and print. 


Secure document release

Whether users submit documents via email or a web browser they can be assured that their documents are completely secure until released via a MFP of the user’s choice.




OCM Mobile Printing - the benefits


  • Print from any device anywhere
  • Strengthens security
  • Reduces reliance on organisational infrastructure
  • Easy printing for guest users
  • Reduces support overhead
  • Increased user convenience and productivity
  • Ensures all print output is accounted/charged for



Next Steps


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